Cleanbill GP Listings Report – Greater Perth (November 2022)

Following our listing of every General Practice (GP) clinic in Greater Perth, Cleanbill has published its aggregate reporting on GP bulk billing rates and out-of-pockets costs in Greater Perth.

Of the 463 GP clinics in Greater Perth, Cleanbill was only able to obtain pricing quotes from 439.

Fewer than 1 in 3 (29.2%) of these clinics bulk bill (charge no out-of-pocket fee to) all patients.

The average out-of-pocket cost for a standard consultation at the 70.8% of practices that only private bill is $39.50. That means patients in Greater Perth can expect to pay $79.25 for a standard, 15-minute consultation, only $39.75 of which will be covered by Medicare.

There are massive variances between the average out-of-pocket costs charged in different suburbs: the average out-of-pocket of a standard consultation in Rivervale is $16.92, while the average out-of-pocket in Shenton Park is $57.92.

A historic comparison to data from 2018 shows that, despite overwhelming economic pressure, bulk billing rates have barely moved in the last 4 years. This indicates that we may have already reached the minimum number of bulk billing clinics we would expect to see in the Greater Perth community.

You can read the full Listings Report and access the data behind it below.

You can listen to 6pr’s coverage of the Listings Report here.