Already offer online bookings? Make them better.

Users who visit your listing want to book online through your existing booking platform, but don’t want to have to navigate a bunch of links to do it. A Cleanbill Booking Partnership fixes this.

What is a Cleanbill Booking Partnership?

By default, contactable Cleanbill listings have text saying that the associated clinic doesn’t offer bookings through Cleanbill. When users click it, the text takes them to an expression of interest form. It doesn’t link them to that clinic’s website or existing booking service.

A Cleanbill Booking Partnership changes that.

With a Cleanbill Booking Partnership, we’ll put a “Book Now” button on your listing that links directly to your existing booking service or booking page on your website, enabling users to go straight from your Cleanbill listing to booking with your clinic with a single click.

Why become a Cleanbill Booking Partner?

Becoming a Cleanbill Booking Partner will make your existing online booking platform directly visible to Cleanbill users.

External research shows that around 60% of Australians prefer to book healthcare appointments online, with even higher percentages for young Australians. And our internal research shows that users of our website engage far more closely with clinics beyond the listing page if they’re given direct links to the various pages of your website. That’s why we link your Doctors page separately to your normal webpage.

A Cleanbill Booking Partnership makes sure that the large proportion of Australians who prefer to book online can do so directly from your Cleanbill listing. Rather than having to navigate through links on both our site and your own, a single click will take them from your listing to your booking platform, ensuring that users who want to book with your clinic aren’t turned away because they can’t easily see a way to.

Frictionless bookings. At your fingertips.

Cleanbill Booking Partnership

$ 35 /month
  • Single listing Booking Partnership
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing booking platform
  • Link users straight to your booking page

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