Just as with its Dental Pricing Analysis Report, Cleanbill’s first national GP Pricing Analysis Report shows the differences in GP pricing between Local Government Areas and sheds light on the spread of bulk billing clinics amongst Local Government Areas.

Cleanbill’s 2024 Blue Report observed a new, but rapidly growing phenomenon of clinics bulk billing their regular patients, but charging an initial, year or monthly fee to access these bulk billed services. Cleanbill is calling these “Membership Clinics” and this Report outlines how prevalent they’ve become.

Cleanbill 2024 Blue Report – Electorate Breakdown On 8 January 2024, Cleanbill released its 2024 Blue Report. The Report aggregated availability and billing information for every GP clinic we were able to find across Australia at both the start and end of 2023. It was the first in Australian history to provide an independent, year-on-year…

Cleanbill’s annual Blue Report shows the state of general practice in Australia at the start of 2024, and compares this against the figures collected for the 2023 Blue and Health of the Nation Reports.

Cleanbill National Dental Listings Report (2023) On 16 April 2023, Cleanbill released the 2023 Health of the Nation Report. The Report outlined the aggregate pricing and availability data we gathered from finding, calling and listing every GP clinic in Australia. But we were only getting started. We’d heard a lot about how difficult it was…

A motion calling on the Government of the Australian Capital Territory to consider ways to promote Cleanbill, and increase both patient and practitioner participation in its services received unanimous support in the ACT Legislative Assembly on 29 June 2023. The ACT Government will report back to the Assembly on its engagement with Cleanbill before the final sitting week in February 2024.

Cleanbill has listed full information, including pricing information, for every single GP clinic we’ve been able to find in Australia. All 6,363 of them. Now, we’ve aggregated the billing and availability data gathered into our Health of the Nation Report. You can read the full Report and the Electorate Breakdown here.