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Media Pack

Click below to download Cleanbill’s imagery pack for use in media material.

And below is the suggested use of each of the graphics in Cleanbill’s imagery pack.

Standard Logos – For general application wherever branding for Cleanbill is used.

Thumbnail Logo – For use in thumbnails, location indicators and general standalone square logo spots.



Background Logos – For use, alongside screenshots of the Cleanbill homepage, as banners, cover images or background images.

Standard Lines

“Founded in 2022 by James Gillespie, Cleanbill revolutionises the way Australians interact with the healthcare system.”

“With a simple, free search Australians can view all of the practitioners around them and then filter those practitioners by the relative price of their basic services.”

“Cleanbill ensures that all Australians know exactly how much they’ll be charged for a visit before they go to see the doctor, and empowers all Australians to find a healthcare practitioner who they can afford and can take them on.”