We’re not like other directories.

My practice is already listed on Cleanbill. How did that happen?

The primary goal of Cleanbill is to provide patients with all the information necessary to make educated decisions about their healthcare and its costs. To do this, we need to show patients all of their options and provide them with the costs of basic services around them. This can’t be done with an opt-in service. Instead, Cleanbill actively researches all of the listing information for practices in a given area and speciality, before adding those practices to our database. This is how your practice can be listed without you realising it. Also, to ensure that we’re maintaining as close to comprehensive coverage as possible, once your practice is listed on Cleanbill, you cannot opt out unless the practice closes.

How does active researching work?

Almost all of the information on Cleanbill comes from research undertaken by Cleanbill itself. This is active research. When we decide to add a speciality, we pick a geographical area and start researching. We then individually contact each of the practices operating in that speciality and area to get the price points of their basic services. We use this information to develop relative pricing brackets for that area. We’ll then allocate each practice to a pricing bracket, before listing them on Cleanbill.

How do I update my practice’s listing information on Cleanbill?

Cleanbill is used to find primary care by hundreds of Australians each day. Keeping the Cleanbill listing for your practice up to date is absolutely critical to your interactions with both your patients and the wider community. If you find that any of the information on the listing for your practice is out of date, send us the correct information through the Update my Details page and we’ll update the listing.

How do I get my practice listed on Cleanbill?

Ultimately, our aim is to have every healthcare practice in Australia listed on Cleanbill. But we aren’t there yet. If your practice isn’t listed, you can register your interest by sending us a message on our Get Listed on Cleanbill page.